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At Greener Cleaner we are devoted to a Philosophy of doing things the right way, for the right reason. We are committed to delivering great products with outstanding performance while ensuring a kinder, ecologically sound way to help and protect the world we all live in.


We wanted to create a brand new eco-friendly material that would dramatically reduce landfill waste. So our Eco-Experts came up with a radical new idea. By taking 50% wood pulp and 50% recycled plastic they created an eco-friendly composite we now call Eco-Flex! All the handles and solid parts of our products are made from Eco-Flex, a material that performs as well if not better than any other competing product.

The power of natural liquids…

Our liquids range is made from 100% natural & sustainable ingredients that are safe for the environment and have NOT been tested on animals. Not only do they work wonders but they smell great too.

Our work is never done…

We are always looking for new and better ways to do things. Constantly designing, developing and evolving great new products that meet our key 3 principles:
  • High Quality & Performance
  • Kinder to the environment than other options
  • Listen, Think, Innovate and Give

Doing it together…

Our blog and Social Media allow us to share and converse with you. From product design and new inspirational thinking, to our eco-friendly brainwaves, we want to hear it all! If you have any ideas or suggestions we would love you to get involved. Let’s make the world a better place, together.
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