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It’s a common misconception that being eco-friendly means a compromise on performance. It really doesn’t have to be this way. We prove it can be done!

Our eco-experts are constantly thinking up new ways to engineer tools and materials to specifically create high performance household cleaning products. We recognise existing eco-technologies and embrace the ones that work. We also invent tools with additional function that allow you to clean more easily and effectively. We are about delivering an uncompromising, high performance clean.

We also realise that performance is more than function. It needs to look great. It needs to feel great. It needs to smell great! We believe that real performance is about delivering on every possible level. Not just one.

Another common reason for not embracing eco-friendly products is often one of cost. Again, we don’t believe this is true! With effort, ambition and simple common sense we have found the right way to achieve this. Our unique Eco-Flex patented technology is one example of how we have created great value for money without a compromise on performance.

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