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Keeping your household clean while doing your bit for Mother Earth can feel like a daunting task. But don't despair! The Greener Cleaner team are here to give you all the tips & tricks you’ll need.

The natural cleaning power of vinegar, salt, lemon juice, baking soda and water used with the Greener Cleaner range is all you need. We’ll show you how to make all your household tasks less complicated and easier on you and the environment. Grab your green cleaning kit and let’s get started!

If you have any tips let us know!

Top Tips 44: How to Spring Clean your Car

From rain, sleet and snow taking their toll on the exterior, to leaves mud and puddles leaving traces on the inside, your car endures a lot throughout winter! With spring now upon us, it's time to give your car a little TLC and spruce it up for the new season. Get yours looking spick & span with our top tips...

  • Scrub the exterior – Pick a nice, sunny day and heat outside with your bucket, sponge & microfibre cloth! Once you've scrubbed away the stubborn grime using your sponge and plenty of warm water, lightly dampen your microfibre cloth and use it to gently buff the paintwork to enhance the shine. Seal your hard work in place by finishing with a coat of wax.
  • Get inside – Don't neglect the interior of your car. Remove all accessories (think floor mats, car seat covers etc.) and give them a good shake and hoover to keep them looking fresh. Next, use your vacuum cleaner to dig deep behind seats and around the gear stick to remove any stubborn hard-to-reach dirt and crumbs.
  • Gleaming windows – Keep your windscreen and windows clear of streaks by cleaning them with a squeegee. Spritz our All-Purpose Cleaner onto the glass beforehand and you'll have effortlessly clear windows in no time. (HINT: Don't forget to clean both sides of the window!)
  • Make your own air freshener – From a bag of potpourri to essential oil-infused sheets of felt, there are plenty of ways to naturally freshen up your car. Check out these DIY car air freshener ideas for some inspiration.

What are your top tips for a sparklingly clean car? Share them with us on Twitter @GreenerCleaner_

Top Tips 43: Your Guide to the Ultimate Spring Clean

We’ve almost made it through winter and with March just a week away, it’s time to start looking forward to spring. Get your home spic and span, ready for the new season with our top tips for the ultimate spring clean…

  • Flip your mattress – to get the longest life out of your mattress (and a great night’s sleep), you should aim to flip it every six months. Make a note to flip it with the seasonal change and it’ll be easier to remember!
  • De-clutter – take this opportunity to get rid of anything you don’t use/need. A good place to start it with winter clothes and shoes: if you didn’t wear them at all during winter, it’s time to say goodbye. Bag them all up and take them to your local charity shop.
  • Clean the carpets – as you know by now, we’re not fans of harsh chemicals at Greener Cleaner and you really don’t need them to keep your home clean and fresh. Baking soda is a tried and tested means of deep cleaning carpets. All you have to do is sprinkle some over the carpet, grab a broom and sweep to draw out dirt and grime, leave it for an hour or so then hoover it up – simple!
  • Let the air in – with the weather (hopefully!) starting to warm up as we enter March, open up your windows and let the fresh air circulate.
  • Chuck out the air freshener – it’s not just cleaning products that harbour strong chemicals; air fresheners are one of the main culprits of the chemicals we unwittingly breathe in at home. Swap it for essential oils or fresh flowers – they’re much gentler and smell far better.
  • Pay attention to nooks & crannies – spring cleaning is all about sprucing up those areas we sometimes ignore. Do a quick scan of your house before you start and make a note of any forgotten areas to tackle in each room – think about door knobs, radiators, under the sofa cushions etc. Our mini dust pan & brush and duster are great tools to have on hand to help you clean hard-to-reach areas.

What are your top tips for a good spring clean? Share them with us on Twitter @GreenerCleaner_

Top Tips 42: Tips for a New Year Clean Up

There’s no better time than the start of a brand new year to give your home a good clear out. After the fun and festivities of Christmas, you’d be forgiven for finding the thought of de-cluttering daunting but with our top tips, you’ll be on your way to a cleaner, clutter-free abode in no time!

  • Try the one-in, one-out rule… or three out, if you’re brave enough! For each new item you get for Christmas (or in the January sales) give one of your old ones to your local charity shop. For example, get rid of one pair of shoes for every shiny new pair you receive.
  • Tackle the big jobs… you know the ones we all like to put off: grab your rubber gloves and give the oven a good scrub and deep clean the fridge. It doesn’t take as long as you think and you’ll feel so much better for it. Turn up the radio and sing along to your favourite songs to make the time fly!
  • Get organised… make boxes and labels your new best friends. Invest in boxes or baskets of varying sizes and fill them with similar items e.g. bills & invoices or laptop chargers & extension leads. Stick a label on them and you’ll thank yourself when you no longer have to tear the house apart trying to remember where everything is!
  • Stock up on essentials… there are a few items that should be a staple of every home’s cleaning kit. A microfibre cloth allows you to clean hard surfaces using just water – perfect if you’re short on time. A duster is also a must-have for dusting down doorframes, top shelves and other hard to reach areas.
  • Set your resolutions… once you’ve got the de-cluttering ball rolling, make it your new year’s resolution to keep on top of it. Set aside just 5-10 minutes each day to dedicate to cleaning and tidying. It can be as simple as loading the dishwasher, taking out the bin or wiping down your kitchen work surfaces. It won’t be long before these little changes start to make a big difference.

What are your top tips for a new year clean & de-clutter? We’d love to hear them – tweet us @GreenerCleaner_

Top Tips 41: How to have a greener Christmas

Christmas celebrations put a real strain on our environment each year, but with a few simple tricks you can help reduce the negative impact while still fully getting into the festive spirit…

Be kind to trees… An estimated 6 million Christmas trees get sent to landfill every year in the UK* so there’s a lot of room for improvement! If you already have an artificial tree, make use of it – take good care of it so you can use it for years to come. If you don’t have an artificial tree, don’t run out and buy one just yet, however. More often than not, these plastic trees are made from a mix of non-recyclable materials so a real tree actually works out as a more eco-friendly solution, just bear a few things in mind:

Cut down on cards… One billion Christmas cards end up in landfill and can take 30 years to decompose* be sure to recycle yours. Another tip is to cut out the front of your favourites to reuse as festive present tags next year!

The gift of giving… From charitable donations in your loved one’s name to cruelty free gift sets, there are many ways to share the eco-friendly love this Christmas. If you’re shopping for a friend who takes pride in their home and likes to do their bit for the environment, you’ve found the perfect gift idea in our cleaning sets. Crafted from sustainable materials, from bathroom sets to floor cleaning dream teams, they’re the ideal way to keep households spotless!

Make the most of your food… Our food waste is never higher than over Christmas. Don’t panic buy: do your best to minimise waste by sitting down and working out just what you’ll need. Do your guests really need a choice of five desserts? Most will be happy with a smaller selection – as will your bank balance! And, before you chuck away any leftovers, do a quick internet search to see if there are any delicious dishes you can whip up.

Keep things fresh… Stay on top of your housework during the festive period: keep our microfibre multi-purpose cloths and all-purpose cleaning spray on hand. They’re the perfect tools to quickly spruce up any room in preparation for your guests. Made from natural and sustainable ingredients, you know you’ll be spreading some festive cheer to Mother Earth too!

What are your top tips for a greener Christmas? Share them with us on Twitter @GreenerCleaner_

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Top Tips 40: 5 household items we all forget to clean

Even the most house-proud among us can forget to clean some of the items in our homes. We’re so used to seeing (and using) them on a daily basis that they simply fade into the background, clinging to dust and germs. Now you can be on top of those oft-forgotten objects with our list of the five household items we all forget to clean…

The Bin!
You spend so much time throwing rubbish into it that it’s easy to forget to clean your bin (recycling bins too). Think about the liquids and food leftovers that are chucked away every day – you want to keep your bin free from those remnants! We recommend giving it a quick wipe down each time you change the liner; our All-Purpose Cleaner is the perfect tool to keep it smelling fresh.

Toothbrush Jar/ Tray
The water from your twice-daily brushing quickly builds up in the bottom of your toothbrush holder. Keep on top of it and rinse it out regularly with hot water. Use an old toothbrush to scrub away any particularly hard-to-remove grime.

House Plants
This one is so commonly forgotten and it’s not hard to see why. How many times have you cleaned the surfaces around your house plants but left the dust gathered on the leaves? Us too. All you need to do is give them a gentle wipe down with a dry cloth, like our all-purpose micro-fibre cloths.

Shower Head
We know you already keep your shower screen sparkling clean – a quick wipe down with a
squeegee is all you need. But how often do you clean the shower head? When you think about it, it really makes sense to clean it more often. Try to give yours a wipe down each week – our Bathroom Set has everything you need to keep it spotless.

Remote Controls
Up there with mobile phones, remote controls are one of those everyday items in high use but rarely cleaned. Give it a deep clean every couple of weeks – a toothbrush is great for removing dirt from the buttons. Finish off by wiping down with a slightly damp cloth.

Can you think of any more household items we forget to clean? Share them with us on Twitter @GreenerCleaner_

Top Tips 39: How to make your office more eco-friendly

While many of us do our best to keep things green at home, staying eco-friendly at work is where we can fall down. Don’t be too hard on yourself, we’ve made it easy to take your green ethic to the office with just a few simple changes…

Switch it off > It’s so easy to leave your computer on standby at the end of the day, but did you know that machines on standby use up the majority of office power? One of the easiest ways to keep things green at work is to simply switch off your monitor. And when you shut down your computer systems will work faster helping you be a greener and more efficient worker; it’s a win:win!

Clean it up > Switch your office cleaning supplies to eco-friendly solutions. You’ll avoid harsh chemicals so you can be kind to your health as well as the environment. Keep a stash of microfibre cloths handy so you can ensure all hard surfaces stay pristine. All you need is a little water and these cloths will work their magic to remove grease and grime.

See clearly > While you’re thinking about cleaning solutions, don’t forget your windows! Our Complete Window Set has everything you need to keep your windows streak-free. The All-Purpose Cleaning Liquid is made from eco-friendly, sustainable ingredients and the wiper is crafted from 100% wood pulp and recycled plastic – the perfect team for glistening windows!

Think before you print > Do you really need to print that email? Pause before you hit print and think how necessary a hard copy is. When you do print, make double-sided sheets your default setting to save on paper. Set up scrap paper trays next to your printers to encourage your colleagues to reuse scraps as note paper. You’ll be on your way to a greener office before you know it!

What are your top tips for an eco-friendly office? Share them with us on Twitter @GreenerCleaner_

Top Tips 38: How to prepare your home for the colder weather

As October approaches, it’s time to start thinking about getting your home ready for the colder weather ahead. Here are our top tips for winter-proofing your home and keeping things eco-friendly…

Get your boiler serviced – Did you know that the ideal time to service your boiler is during the warmer months? With demand for services lower, you can often get a better rate. Sneak a service in now before the wintry temperatures and you could save yourself a few pennies.

Tackle draughts – Have a good look around your home for any areas where warm air might escape come winter. From the obvious spots like windows and doors, also examine some of the more overlooked sources of draughts such as floorboards and any pipes that lead outside. The Energy Saving Trust estimates draught-proofing could save you £25-50 a year.

Bleed radiators – Make sure your radiators are working at 100%. If they are warm at the bottom but cold at the top, it’s time to bleed them. Another top tip for radiators: try placing tin foil (or specialist radiator foil) behind your radiator. It reflects the heat back into the room, helping you stay nice and toasty.

Stock up on those cleaning essentials – From muddy footprints to crumbs & splatters from cooking those hearty warming meals, there’s plenty of household mess that comes with the colder months! Chose eco-friendly, gentle solutions to keep your house spotless and do your bit for the environment. Our Full Liquid Set comes complete with all the cleaning solutions you need for sparkling floors, worktops and bathrooms. Paired with our All-Purpose Cloths you’ll be ready to tackle the new season in no time!

What are your eco-friendly tips for a winter-proof home? We’d love to hear them – tweet us @GreenerCleaner_

Top Tips 37: Organising and cleaning the house ready for the new school term

It’s not long now until the kids will be going back to school. Now is the perfect time to get yourself ready for the new school term by getting the house clean, tidy and organised. Follow our top tips and you’ll be well prepared when that first day back rolls around.

Pay attention to the little things...
As well as wiping down larger surfaces such as tables and worktops, think about those oft-forgotten places that are regularly used. Our All-Purpose Cloths are a real must for cleaning away sticky finger prints from door handles, fridges and kitchen snack drawers!

Enlist the kids
Make the time go quicker and get your kids involved. Set them a list of simple cleaning and tidying tasks and assign them a room – their own bedroom is always a good place to start! Challenge them to complete the tasks within a set time and if all are finished (and to your satisfaction!) give them a small reward for their hard work.

Wipe down windows
Get your windows sparkling again using a squeegee and the eco-friendly cleaner from our Complete Window Set. The end of summer is a good time to complete this task, while the weather’s still warm, so you can give any exterior glass within easy reach a wipe down too.

Spruce up floors
Your kitchen, conservatory and hall floors have probably seen their fair share of mud and grass this summer. Freshen them up ready for the new term with our Floor Cleaning Set. We’d also recommend keeping a broom or dust pan handy to tackle daily crumbs and dirt with ease.

Cleaer some space
Clear some storage space to make sure there’s a dedicated space for your kids to keep their backpacks, PE kits and coats. This will stop them tearing apart the house searching for lost school equipment and stop you tripping over any carelessly discarded bags!

What are your top tips for a back-to-school clean? Tweet us @GreenerCleaner_

Top Tips 36: 5 things you should clean every day

A little goes a long way! Clean these five things every day to avoid feeling overwhelmed by housekeeping duties when the weekend arrives:

Dish cloths and wiping cloths
Wash your dish cloths daily to prevent odours and kill off any harbouring bacteria. Remember that damp dish cloths are a breeding ground for germs so wash them well and wring them out as much as you can before hanging them up to dry fully.

Wipe your kitchen work surfaces clean to eliminate dirt and germs that could be transferred to other areas around your home. Use All Purpose Cleaner to remove grime, tea stains, crumbs and cooking debris. You can even use the gentle but effective solution on tiled splashbacks, kettle exteriors and cooker hoods.

Sweep your kitchen floor daily to collect crumbs and dust – this will help you to avoid trampling dirt through to surrounding rooms. Our eco-friendly broom made from 100% wood pulp and recycled plastic, is perfect for cleaning indoor surfaces including wooden, laminate and tiled flooring.

Shower cubicle
Eliminate water marks by using a squeegee to wipe your shower screen after every shower. Mineral deposits are higher in hard water areas so it’s good practice to remove residual water droplets as soon as possible. If you do a little each day to prevent limescale build up, by spraying on an antibacterial limescale remover, your shower cubicle will always look as good as new.

Scrub your kitchen sink with a utility brush and some All Purpose Cleaner at the end of the day to eliminate germs – especially if you’ve been cooking with raw meat or chicken – and prevent the spread of bacteria over your worktops and crockery. Wipe over your bathroom sink to clean away toothpaste marks, paying close attention to the tricky area around the taps where grime can build up and discolour the wash basin.

Top Tips 35: How to green-clean during the summer months

The long days and balmy evenings of the summer are fantastic…but the golden sunshine also draws attention to the dust and dirt in our homes. Here’s how to green-clean your house in the summer so that it glistens and gleams from top to bottom:

Scrub the barbecue
Use a scrubbing brush to get that that grime off your BBQ grill. Simply apply a touch of All Purpose Liquid to the racks to soften burnt-on food and scrub away!

Clean the car
Going on a summer road trip? Make sure your car is spic and span before setting off by wiping down the dashboards with a microfibre cloth and sweeping up crumbs and dirt on the back seats and the boot with a dustpan and brush. The compact set is the perfect size to take along with you in the trunk too!

Dust away cobwebs
The bright summer sunshine highlights the dust in our homes. Use a long-handled duster to remove cobwebs from your garden shed and outdoor furniture sets in time for summer barbecues and playtime with the kids. Sweep your decking and wipe over wall lights, security lights and garden lanterns to make the entrance to your home look neat and bright. Inside the house use a duster to clean venetian blinds and lampshades, tackle cornices and gleam-up ornaments.

Refresh patio doors and sliding door tracks
Let the fresh air in and enjoy the summer breeze by opening up your French doors. Remove fingerprints and smears from your patio doors with a window clean set, which includes a microfibre cloth to get rid of grease and a wiper to eliminate water marks.

Top Tips 34: How to make cleaning fun for the kids

Children make the perfect little helpers when it comes to completing easy household chores. Here’s how to make cleaning fun for the kids:

1. Time them!
Little children love to compete against the clock! Give them a simple task, such as tidying up their toys or putting their shoes away, and set the timer….

2. Or crank up the radio
Play some up-tempo music until the buzzer bleeps so the kids can dance along as they spruce up the house. Ask the children for their suggestions so they feel involved.

3. Create a child-friendly cleaning caddy
Children will adore having their own special cleaning caddy that they can carry around with them from room to room. Fill up your kiddy caddy with microfibre cloths for wiping down counters and mirrors (the beauty of these cloths is that you don’t need to use a detergent to remove smears and grease from glass surfaces, making them super child-friendly). Pop in a mini dustpan and brush, which is perfect for small hands, so the kids can sweep up the kitchen floor. Thismini cleaning set is ideal for kids!

4. Put up pictures
For smaller children place pictures of their toys above their toy bins so they know where everything goes. This can turn tidy up time into a fun game and will also improve their sorting skills.

5. Hide and seek!
Lightweight dusters are great for children because they’re easy to carry. Get your kids to dust the bookcases and shelves but to make it extra fun hide some small treasures around the house, like sweets or 50p pieces, that they can find and keep as they go along.

6. Use some cool tools
Kids love handheld vacuums! These small appliances are ideal for sucking up dust in the corners of each room or cleaning the seats or boot of your car.

7. Have a reward waiting
Tell your child that if they help tidying up every day they’ll get a special treat at the end of the week, like a favourite dessert, a day out at the shops or a trip to the cinema. Don’t forget to give yourself a treat too!

Top Tips 33: Getting ready for barbecue season

The longer evenings make the perfect setting for relaxing weekend barbecues…but first you’ll have to pull your barbie out of storage and give it the once over! Here’s how to polish it up for BBQ season:

1. De-grease your grill
BBQ been stuffed in the garage over the winter? Give it a spring clean before turning up the heat! Soak the racks in a solution of water and a mild cleaning liquid to soften any baked on food particles and grease. Use a hardwearing scrubbing brush with soft fibres to gently remove the softened bits on both sides of the grill without damaging the metal. Do the same to the hot plate and drip tray.

2. Tackle the hood
Clean the inside of the BBQ hood with an all purpose cleaner and cloth. Scrub away soot or ash residues that may still be in the bottom of your charcoal barbecue with the same cleaning fluid. Use soapy water to clean the outside of the hood and buff stainless steel with a microfibre cloth that will add shine to the exterior and won’t scratch the surface.

3. Clean spatulas, forks and tongs
Refresh all of your barbecue equipment like tongs, skewers and basting brushes by soaking them in warm soapy water and giving them a good scrub.

4. Pre-heat the Barbie
No matter whether you have a gas or classic charcoal barbie, you’ll need to heat it up for about 20 minutes to kill off any remaining germs that haven’t been removed during the cleaning process.

Grills and hot plates are easier to clean while still warm, so once you’ve barbecued your food wipe off grease and burnt-on food as quickly as you can. A dustpan and brush are perfect for collecting ash from charcoal barbecues once they’ve cooled down.

Top Tips 32: Preparing your kitchen for guests over the Easter weekend

Easter is perfect for a family get-together or lunch with friends. Here’s how to get your kitchen in tip top shape for your special guests:

1. Overhaul your oven
Traditional lamb roast for Easter Sunday? Clean your oven first! Burnt food particles in a dirty oven can create smoke and an unwanted odour. Apply our all purpose cleaner, available in our Kitchen Cleaning Set, to your oven and scrub clean with the included utility brush. Do the same with baking trays and racks, especially if roast potatoes are on the menu.

2. Give your splashbacks some TLC
The area behind your cooker top can get greasy and grimy. Spray tiles and splashbacks with all purpose cleaner to remove oily residue and add shine – wipe off the excess with a window wiper. Your cooker hood may also need freshening up – use vinegar to degrease and wipe clean with a sponge or cloth.

3. Declutter countertops
Throw out unwanted letters and odd bits and pieces that can accumulate on worktops. Wipe your kettle and toaster with a damp cloth to remove dust and grime.

4. Wipe cupboards
Spray your cabinet doors with all purpose cleaner and wipe with a microfibre cloth. You can also use the cloth when dry to buff up cupboards and add shine.

5. Gleam up tiles
Use our Floor Cleaning Set to get sparkling flooring – add 3 caps of the concentrate liquid to a litre of water and mop the area. Follow up by tackling any tough stains with the scrubbing brush.

Top Tips 31: Top Tips for Spring Cleaning

Here are our top tips for spring cleaning your home:

1. Declutter. Put away items that are in the wrong place and discard those you don’t need anymore. Reorganise bookshelves, closets and storage areas. Dust all surfaces with a microfibre cloth and use a a long handled duster to get to hard to reach areas, like bookcases and cornices.

2. Wash windows. Scrub your windows clean and use a window wiper to easily remove excess window. Wipe afterwards with a microfibre window and glass cloth to leave windows streak free, letting the sun beam in.

3. Clean out your kitchen appliances. Spray the inside of your oven with our All Purpose Liquid and scrub clean with a sponge or brush – you can even use it to de-grease the inside of your microwave.

4. Scrub your bathroom tiles. The grout in between bathroom and kitchen tiles can get very dirty so clean it regularly with a mild our bathroom cleaner to remove grease, grime, soap scum and limescale. Use your window wiper on your shower screen to prevent water marks. After sweeping use the Floor Cleaning Liquid and Scrubbing Brush found in our Floor Set, to make hard flooring gleam.

5. Make your sink sparkle. Use soap and water to clean your sink and drainer. Spray vinegar over the entire area to remove residual grease and increase shine. Vinegar is also great for cleaning stainless steel appliances like cooker hoods and dishwashers.

Top Tip 30: Top 5 Benefits of Green Cleaning

There are so many advantages to green cleaning from protecting the environment and saving money to reducing landfills. Here are our top five:

1. You’ll be helping to save the planet! Eco-friendly cleaning products are better for the environment and don’t pollute the atmosphere and waterways. The by products that are created during the production of synthetic chemical-based cleaners can harm aquatic animals and plant life, damaging delicate ecosystems. The ingredients used in green cleaners on the other hand (like citrus, which is a natural solvent) are biodegradable and don’t add to carbon emissions.

2. You’ll help reduce landfills. The packaging for our products is made from recyclable materials. This reduces air pollution from incineration, cuts back on energy usage and lowers landfilling. Even our brushes and brooms are made of 100% wood pulp and recycled plastic so you’ll definitely be doing your bit for the environment even when you’re indulging in a spot of sweeping.

3. Your home will be healthier. Many chemical cleaners contain compounds that can increase allergies and exacerbate existing skin conditions like eczema. Breathing in cleaning sprays can even trigger asthma because the ingredients can get into the airways and cause irritation. Using natural cleaning agents like vinegar and lemon juice makes for a healthier space for your family.

4. You’ll be safe from corrosive products. Many strong chemical cleaners contain corrosive ingredients that can cause chemical burns and severe irritation. Greener cleaning products combine gentler solvents that are just as tough on cleaning but far kinder to the skin. If you’ve got a baby who’s just learning to explore and crawl around your home it makes sense to use products that contain natural antibacterial agents, like our All Purpose Cleaner, that won’t damage their delicate skin.

5. You’ll save money! Ecologically sound cleaning products are just as affordable (if not cheaper!) than other chemical brands. Plus, many of our products can be used over and over again, like our window and glass cloths.

Top Tip 29: Getting Your House Ready for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching! Here’s how to make your house sparkle in time for this year’s yuletide festivities and keep it clean even when the guests have arrived:

1. Make cleaning a group activity! Get your family and friends involved in getting the house in shipshape condition as soon as they arrive for the holidays. Make sure they’re aware of the house rules and tell everyone which jobs they’re in charge of. Splitting up the chores will also make it easy to maintain a clean house even when it’s full to the brim with chums and relatives.

2. Break out your fancy crockery and clean it with a solution of lemon juice and baking soda in advance of the big day. The lemon will cut through any grease, making sure your dishes look super-shiny for Christmas lunch. You can even clean your cutlery with the same solution!

3. Scrub your oven clean with a pot and pan brush; its tough bristles and built-in scraper are perfect for removing any burnt bits of food before it’s time to cook the turkey! This will ensure that your oven doesn’t smoke, guaranteeing that bad smells won’t spread through your home or affect the taste of your roast potatoes and veggies.

4. If you have friends and family staying over then change the sheets in the guest rooms, plump up the pillows and vacuum. Dust surfaces with a microfibre cloth or use a duster to clean hard-to-reach spots, like dado rails, the tops of bookshelves and cabinets. Guest rooms can get especially dusty if they’re not used often.

5. Clear away clutter in the living area to make room for your festive decorations, like strings of holiday cards, scented candles and wreaths. Make sure you vacuum well so that kids can open and play with their presents on a clean surface and suck up any needles that may have fallen from your Christmas tree if you’ve already had it up for a while.

6. Use our a eco-friendly Bathroom Cleaner to get your bath tub, countertops and toilet sparkling before party season arrives. Use a window wiper to prevent water marks staining your shower screen and put out your guest towels and fancy soaps.

7. When it gets to the big day make sure to ‘clean as you go’. If the kitchen is as tidy as possible before lunch it’ll be easier to clear up afterwards. Try to neaten things up before bed so you can take it easy and relax on Boxing Day (or head out to the sales!).

Top Tip 28: How to get your house ‘party-ready’

Party season is drawing closer, which means you’ll soon be hunting through the attic for your baubles, tinsel and fairy lights. But before you deck your halls with boughs of holly you might want a clean house first!

Here are our tips on how to get your home party ready for the upcoming festivities within a week:

1. Make a manageable game plan. It’ll make life easier if you clean for just a single hour each day on the week of the party. That way you won’t have to deal with the stress of a huge clean on the big day itself when you’re also preparing snacks and getting yourself ready. Make a list and stick to it; don’t get sidetracked into cleaning your kitchen drawers when you’ve planned to spend 60 minutes sprucing up your windows and entrance area.

2. Pop on your guest glasses. View your house as if you were visiting for the first time and tackle any problem areas that need to be cleaned, re-arranged and organised, such as stacks of letters, bills, books and overflowing laundry baskets.

3. Clean your windows. Sparkling windows and a clean front door will make a real impact on your guests when they first arrive. Simply dampen a micro-fibre cloth with water and gently clean glass surfaces to remove dirt and buff away smears the eco-friendly way. Dust away any cobwebs and sweep your front entrance and doorstep with our patented eco-wood-blend broom that can be rinsed clean with water after use.

Extra Greener Tip You might also want to wash your net curtains for some added freshness, wipe clean your skirting boards, dust ceiling fans and polish banisters.

4. Tackle your toilet. Do a deep clean of your bathroom in advance so you can do a quick once-over on the day of the party. Clear away clutter, remove any mould and grime with bathroom cleaner and wipe your shower screen and tiles with a window wiper to prevent the build up of unsightly water marks.

5. Tidy the party area. Get started on the area where the guests will be spending most of their time by wiping down coffee tables, cleaning mirrors and clearing walkways. Remove clutter from bookshelves (perhaps making room for festive ornaments and cards) and plump up your sofa and cushions. Be sure to make space for the guests’ coats and shoes and sprinkle baking powder over rugs and carpets to remove unwanted odours like pet smells before vacuuming.

6. Target the kitchen. Cleaning the kitchen will make it much easier for you to prep the party food and stay organised – clean out the fridge to make room for your party shop, get to work on the interior of the oven, scrub the cooker and wipe down cupboards and counters before mopping the floor.

Extra Greener Tip Our complete kitchen set has all you need to thoroughly clean your kitchen top to bottom!

7. Final polish. On the day of the party give all the counters another wipe down, polish furniture, set up the dining room with crockery, glassware and napkins and plump up soft furnishings. Empty the bins and make sure your guest bathroom has fresh towels, soap and toilet roll before going all out with the festive decorations!

Top Tip 27: How to eco-clean up after your pets

The chemicals and additives found in many cleaning products can have an adverse impact on the health of your pets just like they can on adults and children.

If you want to clean your house and protect your terrific tabby from the dangers of chemical cleaning fluids here’s how to get rid of fur balls, eliminate bacteria and say bye-bye to grime the natural way:

1. Tackle dirty floors - with our eco-friendly Friendly Cleaner made with only natural surfactants. The chemical ingredients found in other cleaning fluids can get on your pet’s paws as they walk across the floor, which can result in skin conditions and allergies. An antibacterial alternative formulated with sustainable ingredients will protect your prized pooch from harm, even if he licks his paws after a wander over the kitchen lino.

2. Use micro-fibre Window and Glass cloths to clean windows without the need for sprays or cleaning fluids . Simply dampen the cloth and buff clean shiny surface like mirrors, granite, marble and glass tabletops to remove paw marks.

Extra Greener Tip Spritz some vinegar on any areas that need an extra clean, such as shower screens where mould can develop, to kill off bacteria.

3. For a bleach-free solution to cleaning your toilet use half a cup of vinegar and a spoonful of baking powder. Allow the solution to work its eco-friendly magic for 30 minutes before flushing.

Extra Greener Tip To clean deeper use our antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner made with sustainable ingredients and zero chemicals! It’s perfect for pet dogs that ignore the house rules and like to drink from the toilet basin instead of their personal water bowl.

4. Use a duster to pick up any stray cat or dog hairs that may be on your furniture or in hard-to-reach places.

Extra Greener Tip Our Mini Dustpan & Brush is also excellent for reaching all the nooks & crannies

5. Hang up bathroom mats as soon as they get wet so they can dry quickly. Sprinkle over some baking powder over the top and vacuum after 30 minutes to eliminate odours and remove cat and dog hair.

Arm yourself with these eco tips and a spot of elbow grease to keep your home spic and span for all your beloved pets!

Top Tip 26: How to eco-clean your uni halls

So you’ve moved away to uni and your housemates are not as neat as you’d like them to be – there are dishes piling up in the sink, soap scum around the bathtub and you can’t see the countertops for all those empty cans of beans and half-eaten takeaways. It’s definitely time to pick up that scrubbing brush, de-clutter and de-grease your shared living area but the only problem is that you want to do it the eco-friendly way and don’t know where to start.

Here are some useful tips on the best way to eco-clean your uni halls from the experts:

1. Create your own cleaning fluids - with natural ingredients to wipe down countertops and clean tiles – a mixture of lemon juice, vinegar and baking powder works wonders cutting through grease and stains. Better yet, save yourself the trouble and use our ready-made All Purpose Cleaner! It’s 100% eco-friendly, smells fresh and has antibacterial properties. Plus it’s perfect for all surfaces, including tiles, plastic and melamine.

2. UseMicro Fibre Cloths to remove dirt, grease and bacteria from all over your uni halls. They’re perfect for cleaning TVs, tablets and computer screens because you can use them without any product. The textured fibres gently loosen grime and add shine to any surface and they’re re-usable and durable.

Extra Greener Tip To remove tougher stains, such as limescale and soap scum in your shared bathroom, add a little water or combine with an Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaner that cleans a little deeper.

3. Spray plain old vinegar on mirrors and windows and use some scrunched up newspaper to buff them clean. The natural properties of vinegar make it fantastic for cutting through grease, cleaning smear marks and adding shine (just open the windows first to get rid of any strong smells).

Extra Greener Tip The Greener Cleaner Complete Window Set includes a Window Wiper, Window & Glass Cloth and an All Purpose Cleaning Liquid - all you need to keep your windows sparkling. It also comes in four bright & bold colours!

4. Get dusting – with an Eco-Friendly Duster that can be used without any additional cleaning agents or detergents. The polyester fibres attract dust from floors, shelves and those hard-to-reach areas like the top of bookcases and between the slats on wooden blinds.

5. Spider plants and bamboo will naturally absorb some of the pollutants in the atmosphere without you having to put in any leg work. So why not add a couple of plants to your shared living space and bring the outdoors inside?

6. Conserve water by turning off taps as soon as you’ve filled up mop buckets and washed cloths. Put down a mat at the front entrance to collect dirt from your fellow housemates’ shoes – the floor won’t get as grimy and you won’t need to mop it (or vacuum it) as often.

Top Tip 25: How to Eco Clean Your Car Inside & Out

Summer is the time for road trips and as August brings Summer to a close, your car is probably looking a little messy from its long journeys and various passengers. Getting round to cleaning your car is not always top of your list, so here are some eco-friendly tips to help you:

Inside your car

1. Remove car mats - and use a hard bristle Dustpan & Brush to remove dirt particles without the need of a vacuum or electricity.

Extra Greener Tip Keep a Greener Cleaner Mini Dustpan & Brush in the car, handy to quickly sweep up any crumbs left by passengers.

2. Windows – Don’t forget to clean the inside of your windscreen to remove distracting smudges. Use our Complete Window Set to eliminate all smears.

3. Dashboard – clean regularly with a wet All-Purpose Cloth and all-purpose cleaner to remove dust particles.

Extra Greener Tip Our Full Cloth Set covers all bases - including both all-purpose cloths and window & glass cloths.

4. Car seats – Use damp Micro-fibre Cloth to remove crumbs & dirt etc.

5. Don’t forget the glove box, cup holders and any extra compartments - that passengers might drop rubbish into or they collect crumbs.

Extra Greener Tip Our Mini Dustpan & Brush can also be used to reach all the nooks & crannies inside your car.

Outside your car

1. Reduce water – Don’t use hoses to clean your car, fill buckets of water instead, or an even more eco-friendly way would be to use rain water collected from your water butt.

2. Use a Glass Cloth - to dry your car and help reduce water smears once you’ve washed it.

Extra Greener Tip All our cloths are machine washable for multiple uses.

3. Hard Bristle Scrubbing Brush – to help get into the hard to reach areas of your hub caps.

4. Wing mirrors – don’t forget – use both Glass Cloth and Micro-fibre Cloth.

Extra Greener Tip Just add water to our cloths for the best possible results.

Now that your car is sparkling clean inside & out – you can enjoy the end of the Summer and the start of a new season!

Top Tip 24: How to Clean For Hayfever Season

All allergy sufferers will know, summer is “Hayfever Season” and this summer is no exception with warnings of pollen levels expected to remain very high over the warmer months.
We’ve put some cleaning tips together to help you survive the season and keep your work and home as pollen free as possible.

Tips for Home:

1. Dusting Regularly – will reduce allergens in your home. Use a Duster or a damp All Purpose Cloth to wipe down all surfaces. Don’t forget those areas that are easily missed such as mirrors, top of picture frames, fridge and skirting boards.

2. Wipe Your Windows – as they are the prime location for collecting pollen, great news for bees but not so much for hayfever sufferers.

Extra Greener Tip: Greener Cleaner’s Complete Window Set is perfect for this job with a handy window wiper to make your windows shine.

3. Vacuuming regularly – can help reduce allergens brought in from outside on shoes and pets feet. Don’t just clean the floor, also vacuum the curtains, entrance mats and pets bedding.

Extra Greener Tip: Save electricity and use a damp micro-fibre cloth to remove pet fur from your sofa and sweep hard floors instead of using the vacuum cleaner every time.

4. Cleaning floors – regularly with an eco-friendly Floor Cleaner will also help to remove pollen brought into the house on your feet. Use a FONT COLOR=#A2C35F>Scrubbing Brush to get into the grouting.

5. Don’t forget the tech! – mobile phones and laptops that have been brought in from the great outdoors will also be harbouring pollen, so make sure to give these a wipe down with a micro-fibre cloth.

Tips for Work:

It’s just as important to keep your work pollen free. Around 40% of people say that their allergies affect their work, leading to an estimated £7.1 billion in reduced productivity every year in the UK.

1. Don’t open a window – use fans or air conditioning. Clean fans and vents with an All Purpose Cleaner and Micro-fibre Cloth to remove any pollen and dust that might lurking.

2. Clean your computer – mouse, screen and keyboard regularly with an All Purpose Cleaner and Cloth. Make sure to get right into the nooks of your keyboard, to remove any dust that might be hiding aggravating pollen.

Extra Greener Tip: A Glass Cloth is great for clearing away smears from your computer screen which will help to prevent tired eyes.

3. Keep phones clean – from pollen by regularly wiping them with a damp All Purpose Cloth.

4. Don’t forget the desk! – use an All Purpose Cleaner and Cloth to regularly wipe down your desk. Dust particles can contain pollen and will aggravate allergies, but also the average office desk harbours over ten million germs!

Now that your home and office are hayfever free, you can enjoy the summer sun shining in through those sparkly clean, pollen free windows.

Top Tip 23: How to Make Cleaning Fun for You and Your Kids

When it’s time to do the cleaning, it’s not often you see people jump for joy and run to the cleaning cupboard (unless you’re like Monica from Friends, in which case you’re lucky). Here’s a few tips to motivate you and make cleaning fun…

Purchase fun cleaning tools – Encourage yourself by using cleaning tools in your favourite colours or that make certain tasks easier. Having products you hate will only make you put off the housework for longer.

Extra Greener Tip: The Greener Cleaner Mini Dustpan & Brush will inspire your little helpers to get involved, as it’s small just like them and comes in four colours!

Make cleaning into a timed challenge - Time yourself when you carry out a task and try to beat your personal best each time. This will make cleaning a little more fun, as well as speeding up your time. As an incentive, give yourself a reward when you accomplish the challenge.

Extra Greener Tip: Did you know you can use cleaning as part of your workout routine! A full spring clean burns up to 3,655 calories.

Turn cleaning into a competition – Get the kids excited about their chores by creating a competition. Who can tidy the toys in the living room the fastest? Who can clean their bedroom the quickest (without hiding things under the bed)? Whoever wins will get to choose the film for movie night or the game to play next.

Extra Greener Tip: As an extra challenge, write each chore onto a small piece of paper and put them into a bowl, then get everyone to pull them out like a raffle.

Turn cleaning into story time – If you enjoy a good story but never find the time to read, put on an audiobook while you dust surfaces, scrub dishes or clean the bathroom. You will be able to catch up with your favourite author and save yourself from cleaning boredom.

Aroma therapy – Using eco-friendly products will encourage you to clean more often, as it removes the dread of breathing in nasty smelling chemicals. The Greener Cleaner Floor Cleaner is made with avocado oil for a fresh aroma, so you will want to spend longer making those floors shine.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring! Now you have these handy tips, you can make cleaning fun! If you have a tip we haven’t mentioned here, we’d love to hear from you on our Social Media pages. You could also be in with a chance to win a Complete Window Set with this month’s competition by telling us how you make cleaning fun, over on our Facebook page!

Top Tip 22: How to Continue Doing Your Bit After Earth Day

Wednesday 22 April saw the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. Don’t worry if you missed it though, you can still do your bit. We’ve put together this handy list of things you can do to help mother earth in 2015.

1. Go Green in 2015 – If you are still holding onto certain chemical cleaning products, it’s time to convert. Try an eco-friendly All Purpose Liquid for wiping down surfaces around the house and an All Purpose Cloth for dusting without chemicals. Eco-cleaners are safe for the environment and still kill bad bacteria just as well as chemical cleaners. They smell better too!

2. Clean your fridge regularly – Vacuum the refrigerator coils twice a year, so that they work efficiently and don’t use unnecessary amounts of electricity. It’s also important to make sure you don’t overfill your fridge. An overflowing refrigerator will prevent air flow and cause it to overwork.

3. Sweeping saves energy – Using a Dustpan and Brush to sweep up dropped crumbs on your hard or vinyl flooring, instead of vacuuming, will save electricity. For deep cleaning hard floors, opt for an eco-friendly Floor Cleaner to cut through the grease.

Extra Greener Tip: For tiled floors, try one of our Scrubbing Brushes. The extra pressure handle is ideal for tiles and floors and is made from 100% wood pulp and recycled plastic!

4. Make your own drain cleaner – Most drain cleaners contain lye or sulphuric acid, both can cause chemical burns and are toxic. As an eco-friendly alternative, pour ½ cup baking soda down the drain. Make a mixture of juice from half a lemon and 1 of cup white vinegar. Pour mixture down the drain, wait for five minutes and flush away with hot water.

Extra Greener Tip: If you want to completely freshen your sink, remove stubborn limescale with an eco-friendly Limescale Remover instead of toxic chemical liquids.

5. Watch your waste – Do not throw batteries into your bin, they contain metals such as alkaline, zinc, nickel and cadmium, so make sure to recycle them. Local supermarkets sometimes participate in recycling programmes, so check your nearest store.

6. Get the kids to go green too – Get your kids into the habit of “being green” early in life. Put your children in charge of recycling as one of their chores and make shower time into a race. One minute less in the shower can save around 680 litres of water a month!

Making a few small changes each month will get you into the habit of “staying green”. Now when Earth Day 2016 comes along, you will already be equipped and at the ready to take part.

Top Tip 21: Kitchen Preparation for Valentine's

Planning a Valentine’s meal for that someone special? The kitchen sink can contain 100,000 times more germs than a bathroom, so make sure your kitchen is sparkling before you prepare a fancy meal to impress your date.

Here are seven simple Greener tips to help you;

You Will Need

Pot & Pan Brush
All Purpose Cleaner
All Purpose Cloth
Limescale Remover

1. Pots & Pans - first get rid of all the unsightly dirty dishes ready to prepare your special meal. Use a Pot & Pan Brush to help with stuck on food. Remember to clean up as you go while cooking, so when your valentine arrives the kitchen doesn’t become the danger zone.

Extra Greener Tip: Rid your sponge or cloth of germs before washing up by placing it into the microwave for two minutes.

2. Surfaces – one single bacteria cell can become more than 8 million cells in less than 24 hours! The number of bacteria it takes to make people sick can range from as few as 10! Try the All Purpose Cleaner and Cloth to wipe down kitchen surfaces before you start cooking your valentine’s meal.

3. Microwave – an easy way to clean the microwave is to place one cup of water and five lemon slices in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat on high for three minutes. Leave to stand inside the microwave for 2 minutes. Carefully remove the bowl and use a wet All Purpose Cloth to wipe down your microwave.

4. Oven – burnt on food in the grill? Cut an onion in half and rub it across the hot grill (make sure you use a fork and an oven glove to avoid being burnt). This will loosen baked on food. You can then spray your oven with All Purpose Cleaner and wipe away the left over dirt with a Cloth.

5. For a sparkling sink - spray on the All Purpose Cleaner and leave for a few minutes before wiping down with an All Purpose Cloth . For tough lime scale around your taps that just won’t budge, try the Limescale Remover.

6. Empty the bin – there would be nothing worse than preparing a wonderful meal with an enticingly tasty aroma, and have your valentine met with the smell of bin! Make sure you empty your bin before your date arrives. If the bin is giving off a bad smell, freshen it up using warm soapy water.

Extra Greener Tip: Place lemon peel in the bottom of the bin to keep it smelling fresh.

7. Decorate – give your kitchen some character by placing herbs in pots around the room or on the windowsill. They not only smell and look good but they are handy for adding flavour to your cooking.

Now your kitchen is ready to impress your valentine’s guest it’s down to you to cook the meal. We will leave you with one more extra greener tip to help with the aftermath of cooking. If you want to leave the dishes to soak after your meal, leave a knife or fork in between each plate, pour dish soap on top and run the tap. This will allow the water to get in between each plate and soak dishes effectively.

Have a Happy Valentine’s!

Top Tip 20: Clean and Organise Your Desk on National Clean off Your Desk Day

It’s National Clean off Your Desk Day. Organise your desk and create a cleaner place to create those brilliant ideas. The average desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, so it’s time to de-clutter, de-germ and get cleaner and ‘Greener’ with our seven steps to a spotless desk.

You Will Need:

All Purpose Cleaner
All Purpose Cloth
Window Cleaner
Glass Cloth

1. Keep supplies to a minimum - clear off the clutter, throw away and recycle any rubbish. Keep any extra office supplies in a store cupboard and not on the desk freeing it up for important files.

2. Wipe down your desk – with the All Purpose Cleaner and cloth to get rid of any germs and coffee stains. Some desks can have up to 6,030 nasty bacteria per square inch. With that in mind, ensure you wipe down your desk on a daily basis.

3. Clean your computer mouse and keyboard – ensure your computer is turned off, turn the keyboard upside down, and release any trapped crumbs. Spray down with the All Purpose Cleaner and All Purpose Cloth for germ-free technology.
Extra Greener Fact: Did you know your computer’s mouse harbours around 846 germs per square inch and your keyboard around 719 germs per square inch!

4. Clean the computer screen – spray your screen with All Purpose Cleaner and wipe down. Ensure you clean the monitor several times a week as a dirty computer screen can cause eyestrain.

5. Tidy the drawer – empty your drawer and de-germ with the All Purpose Cleaner and cloth. Use an ice cube tray, egg carton or cupcake liners to store little things such as pins and paper clips. Small teacups can be used as a container for change and lip balm too!

Extra Greener Tip: Use a freezer bag to keep business cards together. This way you will be able to locate them quickly.

6. Organise the cables – label each plug correctly so you know which device each cable belongs to. For added organisation use a sandwich bag or cable ties to group loose wires together. Don’t forget to dust behind the desk amongst the plugs and cables using a duster too!

Extra Greener Tip: The cardboard tube of a finished toilet roll can be used to store bundled and wound wires in drawers to prevent them tangling.

7. Keep the desk tidy for longer – by going paperless. There are lots of note taking apps and programmes for computers and tablets, meaning your desk will stay clutter free for longer.

These tips should help you keep your desk clutter free, leaving more room for creativity. Just don’t leave it until the next National Clean off Your Desk Day to clean your desk though. Good luck!

Top Tip 19: Preparing for Christmas Guests

Christmas is fast approaching… and it’s your turn to host the big day? The thought of organising your house for the looming arrival of family and friends is stressful so we've had our experts put together a simple five step guide to get your house ready for the Christmas chaos and clean away the stress.

1. Create a Christmas welcome – Tidy the coat rack so there is space for your guests to store their coats and jackets and put out a shoe basket to clear the hall of clutter.

Extra Greener Tip: If you don’t have a basket or shoe rack, hide shoes in the unused space in the bottom of the wardrobe.

2. Sparkling kitchen – Take on even the toughest kitchen stains and grime with the Kitchen Cleaning Set. Wipe down kitchen surfaces quickly and easily with the non-chemical All Purpose Cleaner and All Purpose Cloth.

Extra Greener Tip: Prevent nasty food smells during the holiday season by sprinkling baking soda into the bottom of your bin under the rubbish bag.

3. Cleaning the oven – The most dreaded kitchen appliance to clean! Add foil to the bottom of your oven when cooking messy food to catch greasy spills. This way all you will need to do to make your oven sparkle is spray the oven with Limescale Remover and wipe down with an All Purpose Cloth before your guests arrive for the big meal.

Extra Greener Tip: Using your microwave a lot this Christmas? Fill a microwaveable bowl with one cup of water and add five lemon slices. Heat the bowl in the microwave for 3-5 minutes until boiling. Carefully remove the bowl and wipe down the inside of the microwave with a damp All Purpose Cloth.

4. Guest bedroom – Make sure windows are sparkling for guests to get a good view of the snow (fingers crossed) with Window & Glass Cloth. Put fresh linen on the bed and leave clean towels in the room, so guests don’t feel like they have to wait to ask for a shower in the morning. It’s a great idea to leave a pitcher of water on the night stand just before your guests go to bed. This avoids them feeling awkward, wondering through the hall to get water in the night.

Extra Greener Tip: Create a home-made scented jar to place in the guest room for an added festive feel. Place baking soda in a mason jar and add eight drops of essential oil.

5. Bathroom bliss – Spray all surfaces with a grime busting cleaner. The Bathroom Cleaner is quick and easy to use and removes grime in no time. Make sure you are stocked up on toilet roll and leave some spare rolls in a place that guests can find easily.

Don’t forget to provide your guests with the WiFi Password! That way they will feel right at home. Now the cleaning is done you can enjoy a very merry (and stress free) Christmas!

Top Tip 18: Preparing Your House for a Last Minute Party

It’s fireworks season! Planned a last minute party that you don’t have time to thoroughly clean and prepare your house for? Don’t panic! You can make your house “guest-ready” in just 20 minutes with our Greener Cleaner plan.

1. Clean away the clutter – in the rooms where your guests will be. If you don’t have time to put everything into its rightful place, then pop them into bags and store them away somewhere out of sight until after the party.

2. Dust and wipe down – the main surfaces. Use a duster to dust the areas your guests will be using to make the room look fresh. Don’t forget to wipe down the kitchen surfaces with an All Purpose Cloth as this is the most likely place guests end up, especially if there are drinks and nibbles.

3. Vacuum – quickly run the vacuum cleaner over the main areas. Not only will it make your house presentable for the party but it will make the after-party clean a little easier.

Extra Greener Tip: Not enough time to vacuum? Use a Dust Pan & Brush to quickly sweep away crumbs and dust.

4. Make it smell nice – empty any bins and make sure there are no dirty dishes lying around that will cause bad odours.

Extra Greener Tip: Create last minute natural room scents by simmering herbs and spices on the hob. Fill a pot part way with water and bring it to boil, add some herbs and spices of your choice, then reduce the heat and let simmer until a few minutes before your guests arrive.

5. The bathroom – is the room that guests are guaranteed to visit at a party. Quickly wipe down surfaces with a cloth, add a fresh towel to the rail and light a scented candle. This way the deep clean can be saved until after the party.

6. Mood lighting – Turn off the main light and use fairy lights, lamps and candles to create a cosy winter atmosphere for your guests. This will help cover up anything you didn’t have time to tidy away and take attention away from any furniture stains or marks on walls you don’t have time to deep clean.

Your 20 minutes starts now! Good luck and enjoy the party. However, if your house is in complete disarray, we can’t guarantee sparkle. You may need to plan your parties further in advance or hope for a miracle.

Top Tip 17: A Clean Bathroom in 15 Minutes

Now that autumn is setting in and the nights are getting colder, most of us want to climb into a nice warm bath to shake the autumn chill. However, there’s nothing more annoying than having to spend hours cleaning the bathroom first before enjoying your soak.

Here’s some handy tips to get a clean bathroom in minutes, so you can spend longer enjoying bath time.

You will need:
Bathroom Cleaner
Limescale Remover
Bathroom Cloth
Window & Glass Cloth

1. Spray - the sink, toilet, shower, bath and tiles with the Bathroom Cleaner and leave to sit for a few minute while you continue onto the next few steps giving the cleaner time to cut through the grime.

2. Clean the shower head - unscrew it and spray some Limescale Remover into it and leave to sit for a few minutes.

3. Clean the mirror - Lightly dampen a Window & Glass Cloth and wipe down any mirrors.

Extra Greener tip: To stop your mirror steaming up mix water with two tablespoons of vinegar and dip a coffee filter into the mixture, wipe the filter over the mirror and let it air dry. This should keep your mirror fog free for 3 weeks.

4. Empty out the bin – empty the bathroom rubbish into bin bag and take out.

Extra Greener tip: If your bathroom bin is starting to smell, add a few squirts of liquid soap and fill your bin to the top with hot water then leave overnight. Empty it out and rinse in the morning and you have yourself a fresh smelling bin.

5. Wipe away the dirt and grime - Next use a Bathroom Cloth to wipe down all the surfaces you sprayed previously.

Extra Greener tip: Use a Window Wiper to remove all the water from your tiles after each shower to help prevent mould and cut down future cleaning time.

6. Stock up – Make sure you have re-stocked the toilet roll and soap so that no one is caught short.

Extra Greener tip: Add three drops of your favourite autumn oil like nutmeg or cinnamon to the inside of your toilet roll. Each time you pull off a square of paper, the aroma will be released.

7. Create a cosy atmosphere - for the finishing touch, add some candles to your bathroom so you can enjoy a soak in the bath on a cold autumn evening. By using scented candles you will keep your bathroom smelling fresher for longer.

Now, not only will you be able to enjoy your long soak in the bath when it’s miserable outside but your bathroom will be fit for any surprise visitors as the winter holiday season creeps in.

Top Tip 16: How to Clean Your Kid's Room in 15 Minutes

We all know that kid’s bedrooms don’t stay tidy for very long. And now that they have returned to school the last thing they want to do is clean their room.
Here’s a handy list you can give them to clean their room in just 15 minutes, leaving them more time for fun after school.

Supplies you’ll need:

• Bin Bag
All Purpose Cloths
All Purpose Cleaner
• Vacuum Cleaner

1. Grab a bin bag and empty the bin into it, as well as any rubbish that may be lying around.

2. Pick up those stray clean clothes that never made it into the wardrobe and refold or rehang.

3. Make the bed – this makes the room look instantly less cluttered.

4. Gather all the toys from the floor and around the room and put them into a toy box, or wherever they managed to escape from. For young children make this into a game of who can get the toys into the box the fastest.

5. Create a pile of objects on the bed of things that belong in other rooms.

6. Using your duster, dust all surfaces and electricals.

7. Using your All Purpose Cloth and All Purpose Cleaner spay wipe down all surfaces and clean any computer/TV screens.

8. Now you can vacuum – always vacuum after dusting and never before, otherwise the dust will settle and you will have to vacuum again.

9. The final step! You can return all those objects that don’t below in the room (to save time with younger children, create another game of who can return objects to the correct room the fastest).

Now let’s see how many minutes your kid’s room stays clean and clutter free… we estimate about 5 minutes but at least you’re armed for next time with Greener Cleaner!

Top Tip 15: How to Clean Outdoor Furniture

The hot summer sun is here, which only means one thing, BBQ parties and garden playdates. Don’t let your guests sit on dirty patio chairs or the kids run around spider web covered decking tables. From wrought iron and aluminium to plastic and wood, clean and maintain cleanliness of your outdoor furniture with four simple steps.

1) Spray an antibacterial All Purpose Cleaner on all dirty areas of the filthy furniture.

2) Scrub all table tops, chairs and chair legs with a Scrubbing Brush. If your furniture has been collecting dirt, dust and grime since last summer, the Full Cleaning Set will get rid of the stubborn, hard to get to areas.

3) Allow the furniture to dry in the summer sun. Use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove any rusted spots down to the bare metal.

4) Finally wipe off any metal reside or dirt with a clean dampened All Purpose Cloth.

Congratulations your garden furniture is now ready to be filled with people, topped with food and be surrounded by good conversation and laughing children.

Top Tip 14: Making Your House Recycle Friendly

As a part of Recycle Week and World Cup month we want to inspire a real recycling change in every household with 3 simple steps.

1) Metal cans are 100% recyclable. Cans can be recycled over and over and back on the shelf within 60 days! One metal drinks can, over the space of a year, can be recycled 8 times. This saves enough energy to make another 160 cans. That includes beer cans too!

2) Cleaning recycled. World Cup month is going to be messy. Converting waste into new products reduces the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduces energy usage, reduces air pollution from incineration, and reduces water pollution from landfilling. By reducing the need for "conventional" waste disposal we also lower greenhouse gas emissions when compared to plastic production. Our unique Eco-Flex patented technology is the perfect example of modern recycling at work. You can tell if a product is eco-friendly by looking at the label on the packaging.

3) Home Comforts. Make space in your kitchen for a recycling bin. Keep it next to the main bin so you can take out the rubbish and recycling at the same time. Some things need to be washed before you put them out for recycling, such as glass jars.


Top Tip 13: How to Germ-proof Your Electronic Devices

Four easy tips that will keep bacteria at bay without damaging pricey and delicate devices. Really, you have no idea what germs lurk there. Their sleek design seem to disguise the fact that these devices are touched by grubby fingers multiple times a day. Here are our top tips to keep bacteria at bay.

1) Tablet

Problem: Touch screen electronic devices act as a magnet for germs conveniently helped along by your fingers.
Solution: The All Purpose Cloth is perfect for removing dirt, grease and bacteria from touch screens when slightly damp. Use Once a week at minimum.

2) Mobile Phone

Problem: According to research by a London scientist 1 in 6 mobile phones are tainted with fecal matter. That’s right, 1 in 6!
Solution: Firstly stop the bathroom chats! Next, consider spraying liquid sanitiser, like the Bathroom Cleaner, into a cleaning cloth wipe over and your device will be germ free in moments.

3) Computer Mouse

Problem: A mouse is one of the most likely device to harbour viruses.
Solution: Remove batteries or unplug the device. Use a dry all-purpose cloth to remove dust from the underside and the trackball. A damp cloth can be used to remove germs from the top of the device, but don’t get the trackball wet, this can damage it in the long run.

4) Screens and Keyboards

Problem: Studies suggests, some computer keyboards harbour more harmful bacteria than toilet seats.
Solution: Unplug the keyboard, turn upside down and shake gently to let out any dirt beneath the keys. Next spray a liquid cleaner into a cleaning cloth and wipe around each key to sanitise quickly.

Top Tip 12: Eco-Friendly Ways to Clean Your Home

We can all dream of living an eco-friendly life, but packing up our homes, leaving our jobs and heading for the forest to set up a new life beneath the tress, just isn’t logical. That doesn’t mean that we can’t turn our current homes into a planet friendly house. So how do we do it? Firstly we can have a go at cleaning a little more eco-friendly.

Eliminate Odors
Not even the overwhelming odors of fish, garlic and curries can stand up against the power of fresh lemons. Simply cut a lemon in half or use some fresh-squeezed lemon juice, or try simmering lemon peel on the stove with some water as needed, to get rid of even the foulest smells.

Stubborn Oven
There’s no doubt that scrubbers and other brush based cleaning tools are unbeatable when it comes to tackling that burnt-on grime at the bottom of your oven. If you haven’t got one handy, try sprinkling baking soda over the bottom of your oven, spray it with water and leave for a couple of hours, then simply wipe away. See Top Tip 7 for more eco-friendly ways to clean your oven.

Drain Pains
Baking soda makes it as easy as it gets when it comes to un-clogging drains toxic free. Sprinkle ¾ of a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by ½ cup of white vinegar. Put the plug in the drain for a minimum of thirty minutes, before pouring down a kettle full of boiling water.

One Size Fits All
It’s far better for the planet to use an all-purpose cloth than disposable paper towels and other cloths that only last a few times before they need throwing out. A cloth that can clean, mirrors, mop up spills, dust and remove grease not only saves money that would otherwise be spent on a number of specific cloths, but the item isn’t ranking up any energy’s related to manufacturing.

Top Tip 11: How to Clean Baby Toys!

They dribble, they vomit, and they put everything in their mouth, so it’s no wonder they pick up germs and illnesses so easily. Cleaning your little ones gear remains one of the most essential necessities when of taking care of your baby. Decent cleaning products can dramatically reduce unwanted bugs and sicknesses as well as keeping things germfree for longer.

Here’s some tips to help you prevent germs spreading in the future and kill those around now.

1) Wipe Away! Ensure you wipe down any toys that have been dropped on the ground or had any contact with dirt lint or grime. Instead of baby wipes (that are ideal for cleaning up your little one), our All Purpose Cloth is specifically designed to remove dirt, grease and bacteria with just water.

2) Sanitisation! Little ones are constantly reaching and touching things; putting whatever they can in their mouths, so sanitisation is key. There are many different ways to sanitise toys. A sanitising solution is popular. Shop bought with a non-toxic label or homemade, sanitise solution kills most of the dangerous germs.

3) Spray Away! Sometimes dirty, greasy toys will need a little more than just water. The Greener Cleaner All Purpose Cleaner combines eco-friendly, sustainable ingredients with natural antibacterial agents to kill off bad bacteria. It is perfect to remove dirt, grease and kill bacteria from toys. It deliver safer antibacterial properties than toxic sprays for you and your baby and does that all important cleaning job a lot quicker.

4) Machine Wash! Stuffed, fluffy and textured toys can often be the dirtiest. Bacteria, that we can and can’t see, gets trapped in the material’s fibres and only machine washing will remove such grime. So if the label advises, ensure cuddly toys are washed once a week, every week. Be sure to do it in the day time however, we know our little ones can’t be without them at night.

Top Tip 10: How to Clean your Washing Machine!

Let’s be honest, how often do you actually clean your washing machine? We’re guessing not than often and you wouldn’t be alone!

You may be forgiven for thinking that as it’s a cleaning machine, it doesn’t actually need cleaning. But clothes fluff up, threads get pulled and washing powder and liquid can get messy and leave their mark! You know it’s time to do something about it when your clothes don’t smell that fresh despite being washed and dried properly.

But, maintaining your washing machine can become part of your regular cleaning routine without too much effort or fuss…

1) Unclog the filter. This is where all the fluff and dirt will start to accumulate.

2) Clean the detergent drawer. Give this a good clean to make sure all the gunk is wiped away. Using a toothbrush is great for removing all the build-up of washing powder and getting at all the hard to reach places!

3) Clean the seal. Mould and bacteria can get trapped in the rubber seal around the door but can easily be removed with a quick scrub.

4) Run a maintenance wash. Just occasionally set your washing machine on a hot-wash programme (empty) with some washing-soda crystals or clear vinegar. This is great for removing any soap scum that has built up, limescale and nasty odours.

5) Leave the door and drawer open. After each wash try and leave the door and drawer open for as long as possible. This just allows air to circulate and helps prevent mould and bacteria festering. It also helps to stop the drum smelling damp.

Top Tip 9: How to Clean your Carpet

Follow these tips to get your carpet looking and smelling great!

To keep your carpet in good condition it’s best to give it a good vacuuming at least once a week. You can bring a new lease of life into really grubby looking carpet with a steam cleaner or carpet shampooer. These are easy to hire or you can pay for someone else to do it for you!

Step 1
Using a cloth, mix some powder laundry detergent with some water. Use your digression on how much detergent you use. It shouldn’t be a thick paste.

Step 2
Next vacuum your entire carpet twice in a couple of directions. Doing this simply ensures that all dust and bits are effectively picked up giving you a nice clean canvas to clean properly.

Step 3
Using your cloth, wipe down a small area of your carpet so it’s damp. Now you can collect any fluff or lint from the top of the carpet.

Step 4
If you have any spots or stains that are particularly difficult to clean up you can pre-treat these areas by leaving the solution to soak into the carpet for 5 - 10 minutes before scrubbing. Using a brush, scrub the stains until they begin to lift. Continue this process until the stain is gone.

Step 5
Using clean towels, place these on top of the carpet to soak up any excess liquid.

Step 6
Once you have finished, use fresh, clean water and go over all the areas you have just cleaned and remove any leftover soapy residue. Leave this to dry.

Step 7
When you’ve finished, your carpet will smell fresh and will be lovely and clean.

Top Tip 8: Christmas Cleaning Tips

Christmas is a special time of the year with family and friends filling your home with lots of festive cheer. Which is lovely, but it also means mess and more tidying up! Follow a few of our Christmas Cleaning Tips and it’ll be done in now time so you can sit back and enjoy the festive period…

A Pre-Christmas Cleaning Blitz
This doesn’t have to take ages or tackled like you would a spring clean. Just simply clean your surfaces with an All Purpose Cloth, run the duster over your ornaments and give the bathroom and kitchen a wipe. Now is also the perfect opportunity to hide away any ornaments you don’t want to get damaged and make space for your Christmas decorations and cards.

Get the Spare Room Ready
If you have guests staying in your spare room make sure everywhere is clutter free and you’ve changed the bedding in advance of them arriving. Clean towels on the bed ready for the use and fresh flowers in a vase make nice little touches.

Stay on Top of the Washing Up
The mountain of dirty plates, pots and pans doesn’t take long to build up. Enlist a helpful assistant who is willing to wash up the dirty pots and pans as you are dishing up the Christmas dinner. This will make what’s left much more manageable after you’ve eaten! As tempting as it is to sit down and watch a film after dinner, it will make things much easier for you if you just clean up straight away. Of course, roasting tins can be left to soak.

Cleaning the Oven
Roasting the turkey and goose fat potatoes will have left a mark on your oven and as hated as this task it getting stuck in and cleaning your oven now will make things easier for you in the long run! See Tip 7 for how to tackle oven cleaning.

Packing up the Decorations
Make sure your decorations look as beautiful next year by putting them away properly this time.

Step 8
When the floor has dried vacuum it all over again.

If you’ve got some stubborn stains that you’re struggling to remove take a look at these handy cleaning tips from Channel 4.

Top Tip 7: Cleaning your Oven

According to a survey by Bounty cleaning the oven is officially the nation’s worst task, with over 40% of the vote! It’s not surprising really with all the built-up grease and grime from month and months of roasting and baking! But as menial as task as it is, it’s important to keep on top of cleaning your oven because food which has accumulated can turn into carbon. This will eventually taint your food and even become a fire hazard.
Here’s some tips to help you tackle the oven and save you hours of scrubbing!

If you own a Self-Cleaning Oven
1. It’s important to ventilate your kitchen properly so no fumes are inhaled so open all windows and doors.
2. Leave your oven racks to soak in a sink full of warm soapy water.
3. Turn on the oven’s self-cleaning mode following the manufacturer instructions. Always allow your oven to cool for at least 2 hours afterwards.
4. Using a small dustpan and brush (link) sweep out the ashes and then wipe the oven clean with a wet cloth.
5. Next scrub the inside of the oven door with a clean cloth and kitchen cleaner. Then scrub the oven racks that have been soaking. Once clean, dry them off and slide them back on the shelves in the oven.

If you own a Non-Self Cleaning Oven
1. Remove the oven racks and place them in a sink filled with warm soapy water to soak for a few hours.
2. Using a mixture of baking soda and water cover the inside of your oven and leave to work for at least an hour. You can see if the mixture has worked by testing an area to see if the grime is wiping away easily. You can always add more of the mixture and leave to soak again unless it will easily chip away.
3. Using a scraper, scrape away the charred grime and carbon build up. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all of the carbon has been removed.
4. Sweep out the bottom of the oven with a small dustpan and brush and give the whole oven a good clean with a kitchen cleaner or a vinegar/water solution.
5. Scrub the oven racks until clean. Dry them off and replace back in the oven.

If you own a Textured Oven
1. Place your oven racks in a sink filled with warm soapy water and allow to soak for a few hours.
2. Gently wipe the inside of your oven with a damp sponge or cloth. You should never use abrasive brushes or cloths on a textured oven as they could damage the porcelain. The same goes for using chemicals! If the dirt is really stuck on, you can use a vinegar/water solution instead.
3. Scrub your oven racks until clean and replace them in the oven.

It’s always best to clean your oven as you go and don’t leave it too long in between cleans. Simple tips like placing a baking sheet at the bottom of the oven to catch spills or cleaning up spills as the happen will make this awful task a lot easier for you in the future.

Top Tip 6: Autumn Cleaning

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning which normally takes place around March to April time when you give your home a proper deep-clean ready for the summer. However, some people say that a thorough clean should be done at least twice a year. So autumn time makes perfect sense!

Windows – It may seem like a pointless task to clean your windows just as the weather is changing but it will make a world of difference when you tackle them again in the spring. It’s best to pick a cloudy day so you can see where all the smudges are! Our Window Cloth Set easily removes grime, smears and dirt using just water!

Bathroom – If you’ve not tackled the grout in your bathroom since your big spring clean you’ll probably notice that it needs some extra attention now. You can make your own cleaning product by mixing some baking soda with some white wine vinegar. However, our Bathroom Cleaner and Scrubbing Brush will do the job!

Kitchen – Give your kitchen a thorough clean starting with washing you cupboards – inside and out! Throw away any food that is out of date or that you won’t use in your cupboards and fridge. All your surfaces will need a good going-over too as these are the areas that house the most bacteria. The Greener Cleaner Complete Kitchen Set contains everything you need to make your kitchen sparkle again.

These are the main areas you need to tackle but it is also worth remembering that appliances such as telephones, laptops and TVs also collect dirt, bacteria and dust. Our All Purpose Cleaner will kill off bad bacteria. Just simply spray and wipe with our All Purpose Cloth! This goes for light switches, door handles and skirting boards too!

Top Tip 5: Cleaning your kitchen work surfaces

The kitchen is often known as the hub of the house so it’s only natural that you want to keep it as clean as possible not only to look good but for hygiene reasons too. The best way to do this is to clean your kitchen work surfaces after each use followed with a deep clean at least once a week.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to use to clean worktops with depending on the type of material they are made from. Here are a few basics:

Laminate: General grease and stains can be wiped away using a cloth and a kitchen cleaner. More stubborn stains can be removed by making a paste out of bicarbonate of soda and a few drops of bleach.

Stainless steel: This is one of the worst surfaces for showing up fingermarks and grease but they can be easily wiped away with washing-up liquid and warm water. To get a lovely shine afterwards just polish the surface with a microfibre cloth or add a little baby oil to a clean cloth. Avoid using abrasive cloths.

Granite: All you need to clean this is a little bit of washing-up liquid. Avoid any abrasive cloths or sponges as these will easily scratch the surface.

Solid wood: Make sure that you oil the surface regularly otherwise the wood soaks up water which can make it swell. It’s best to follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to do this. For general cleaning tough scrubbing with a damp cloth and washing-up liquid is fine but make sure spills are removed immediately as foods like beetroot and curry can stain and be hard to remove.

You’ll find everything you need to make your kitchen sparkle with the Greener Cleaner Complete Kitchen Set. This set includes a Pot & Pan Brush, Dish Brush, Scrubbing Brush, All Purpose Cloth and All Purpose Cleaning Liquid. All high performance, environmentally friendly products for a complete kitchen clean.

Top Tip 4: How to clean a window (without leaving streaks or water marks)

An ‘S’ shape action
First, spray the glass with the Greener Cleaner All Purpose Cleaner. Then use the Greener Cleaner Window Wiper in an ‘S’ shape action moving slowly downwards. Make sure you get as close to the frame as possible.

Smear free
Then use the Greener Cleaner Window & Glass Cloths to remove any remaining water marks and smears; this cloth is highly absorbent and lint-free, so no smears will remain.

Ultimate tips!
For the best results, clean the inside of your windows first, as the outside will dirty your tools and cloths more quickly and don’t clean windows in direct sunlight; the glass will dry too quickly and you’ll have a much harder job. Your Window Wiper will perform even better if you start wiping when the wiper’s dry. So wipe with the All Purpose Cloth regularly.

Top Tip 3: A softer approach

Some people are lucky enough not to have worry about hard water and the cleaning problems that come with it! But for those that do, it can be a nightmare to remove limescale. Here are some facts about hard water and how you can get rid of the build-up…

What’s hard water?

Hard water contains high levels of minerals such as magnesium, iron and calcium. The higher the level of minerals the harder the water is.

How can I found out if I live in a hard water area?

You can normally tell by the amount of bubbles created from your soap or shampoo. As a general rule if you need to use more soap to see any results then you are using hard water. A good test to determine this is to fill half a clean, clear plastic bottle with water. Add 6 drops of washing up liquid, screw on the lid and give the bottle a good shake. If the bottle is full of soap suds which continue to overflow when the bottle is opened then you don’t have hard water! The more you have to shake the bottle and the less time the suds last, the harder your water!

How can I remove limecsale?

Luckily calcium carbonate, or limescale, can be removed with lemon juice or vinegar. For tougher deposits lime juice and strong pickling vinegar will be more effective as they have higher acidic properties. The trick here though is to leave them to soak for an hour or longer. We love using lemon as it smells nicer when you’re done!

Now it’s removed, how can I prevent it from coming back?

The Greener Cleaner Bathroom Cleaner is great for everyday use. It perfectly removes grease, grime, soap scum and limescale all around your bathroom and on any surface.

Once a month we also recommend a more concentrated deep clean with the Greener Cleaner Limescale Cleaner to leave your bathroom sparkling!

Top Tip 2: Cleaning Carpets

Every one enjoys soft carpet between there toes and everyday vacuuming will keep it soft and fluffy however nobody enjoy the stains from irritating spillages.

Stubborn Stain?: If you have only just spilt something on the carpet, quickly dab it away using a Greener Cleaner All Purpose Cloth, start at the outside and work towards the centre of the spillage. Do not rub!

Top Tip 1: How to Clean a bathroom Sink

Ever wondered how many germs get washed into your sink on a daily basis? The bathroom sink is one of the most germ infested places in the home! Here's a few top tips to help you keep on top of them.

Day to Day: Make sure you are wiping down the sink on a daily basis using our All Purpose Cloth; this will prevent limescale and grime building up. For more stubborn stains like toothpaste, fill the sink with hot water and let it soak. Then wipe.

Hard to reach areas: With the help of our Dual-use Utility Brush, you will be able to master hard-to-reach areas.

Attack built up dirt: Our Bathroom Cleaner makes light work of tough stains as its deep cleaning power cuts though grease. Make sure you focus on the taps, overflow and plughole, and remember the Utility Brush can restore your plug and chain's shine; both places of major bacteria build up. For stainless steel sinks don't leave water droplets behind as they will actually discolour the sink.

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